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Shanghai ZhiZheng Packing Material Co.,Ltd locates in Shanghai, China, along with rich experience and rapid development, which has become a leader in the packing material industry.

We company mainly focus on the product development production and sales, it’s divided into eight series:  

1. The fast-drying PP synthetic paper, which combines high quality of PP base material with unique ink coating, so that the ordinary ink printing can achieve the excellent printing effect, this kind of advantage make a breakthrough that without dedicated ink, without UV printing and coating , and can be fast dry after printing. PP synthetic paper has the following advantages: good stiffness, smooth surface, excellent absorbency, tears resistance, small flexibility, the same thickness and can achieve colorful printing effect.   

2. Tyvek raw material and highly processed product. Tyvek was famous for its waterproofness, breathability, tear and puncture resistant. AS the Tyvek A-level agent, our companies not only focus on sell raw material but develop Tyvek highly processed product at the same time: color Tyvek paper (roll/sheet); wristband; Tyvek natural bamboo products, which can promote blood circulation, soothe nervous system and relieve fatigue.    

3. warp and weft kraft paper, which combine advantages of traditional wood pulp paper with lining, break through pulp fibre decides the strength of paper, solve the problem of papermaking relies on cut the tree that would has impact on entironment in papermaking industry, this kind of breakthrough conforms to the time need to develop, and must can be the bright spot in the new type environmental protection material.

4. The absorbent paper. The absorbent paper adopts natural pure wood pulp and partly cotton oar, and using advanced production technology, which is owe high stiffness and absorbency, no deformation and delamination. Absorbent paper can make into the coaster, humidity indicating card, artware and scented tea. We have adequate stock and can offer free sample for your confirmation, welcome to consulting!

5.Tyvelon nonwovens is made of two kinds of polymers which were produced by melt spinning into continuous filament, the fiber shows hollow tangerine shape then break up into superfine fiber fabric. Tyvelon nonwovens mainly applies to the physics anti-mite, wiping cloth, car packaging, leather base fabric and acoustic material area.

6.Desiccant packing material, we company mainly developed the anti-static packaging paper, water resistible and breathable packaging paper and anti-dust packaging paper, which is applies to the various desiccant packing materials industry.

7.Fireproof paper. we company developed environmental flamer resistant material, the fireproof paper, which is applies to various level of packing field. 

8.Anti-static bag and aluminum foil bag, which is mainly used in the shield vacuo packing of electron component and cosmetic

We company owes powerful research and development group and industry, which ensure us can keep pace with the times and satisfy customer ever-growing needs. We always believe that the high quality, excellent service and preferential prices is the best way to the company development.
Shanghai ZhiZheng Packing Material Co.,Ltd cordial welcome  friend of all circles visit our company and do business with us, create prosperous tomorrow together.  At last thank all the customers for your great support.

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