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Dupont Tyvek Non-woven fabric series



Product Parameter:


Gram weight:41.0gram/㎡

 Product Description

Tyvek 1422A chemical protection cloth is DuPont proprietary technology, for the unique fabric is the perfect combination of protection, durability and comfort. Tyvek is made of pure polyethylene fibers randomly laid and compressed to form a remarkably tough printing substrate that is ideal for all applications where durability is of prime importance. Tyvek is kind of material with high density, which is water proof while the water vapor can pass.

Tyvek protection cloth can prevent various hazardous substance such as dust, spray and aerosol, which owes different properties:

◇Protection: Strong function of dust and splash proof, surface humidity resistance reach 4 classes;

This kind of material owes natural protective property, not through coating process for the coating products can broken easily because of some scrapings

Lower desquamation, anti-static; prevent hazardous substance and protect the worker; prevent sensitive products and production process from human’s pollution; prevent blood, dust, drop and spray, reduce the number of germ and virus transmission

Typical application:dust exposure protection ( five kinds) and water base chemicals protection (six kinds)
Applications: cleanness clothing in agriculture, food processing and medical area; fiberglass processing, spray processing, removing lead and asbestos, repair the model and other chemicals、dust and radioactive dust and aerosol hazard applications. Disease and disaster controlling, polluted land and work zone cleaning, be suitable for medical, chemicals, spray paint, wind power generation, pesticide spraying, machinery maintenance areas

technical parameters:
◇Safety: After the disinfection treatment, conform to national standard GB19082-2003 Technical Requirements for Disposable Protective Clothing for Medical Use
◇Durablity: Firm, wear and tear resistance. Even in the extremely environment, the tyvek also can be the same
◇Comfort: Good performance of breathability, make the material can “breath”. It’s very light, (gram weight: 41 gram/㎡), soft, flexible, WVT is 7154 gram/㎡
◇Lint-free: Made of continuous high strength fiber, can not afford to hair
◇Anti-pollution: Made of pure polyethylene fibers, which is not included filler, adhesive or silicon, so that it’s not contain the pollutant
◇Anti-static: Two sides through the anti-static process, so it won’t produce static-electric accumulation only if you operating correctly 

Anti-dust:Made of continuous superfine fiber,owes excellent anti ultrafine dust and fiber properties

◇Repellency:Super smooth surface rejects inorganic liquid, and the solid dust not easy to conglutinate other things 
◇Suitable for 5 kinds of European standard and 6 kinds of industry protective cloth 
◇size:M&L、XL、XXL&XXXL 【1443R】


Product Parameter:
Gram weight:42.5gram/㎡
Tensile strength (lengthways):1850 Newton/25.4mm
Tensile strength (crosswise):205 Newton/25.4mm
Separation layer power ( broadwise ): 1.7 Newton/25.4mm
Anti-glare degree:97.9

Product presentation:
The Tyvek 1443R is soft, easy to fold and similar to fabric material. At the same time, it owes hard Tyvek’s excellent properties, such as the durability, water and tear proof and breathability

Tyvek 1443R is opaque material, the surface is smooth and brightening, it can smear sizing or sewing, and also can use ultrasonic wave seaming and heat sealing in certain range. 1443R can be printed, while compared to hard material, it has higher demand.
Tyvek 1443R material is the ideal choice for promotion jacket, protecting bush, costume, theater scenery, child tent, sun block, decorative material, museum and art packaging


Product Parameter:
Gram weight:73gram/㎡
Component: Non-woven fabrics of HDPE after hot melting

Instruction: Soft Tyvek 1473R is the thickest one in R type Tyvek

Application: Mainly used in pen bag, outdoor goods, packaging

【Dupont ADM】

Product Parameter:
Gram weight:53 gram/㎡

Mite is the key element to cause asthma and other allergies. We can’t see the mite with the unaided eye, while it exists greatly in household items, mite not only cause allergy but infection even can spread the disease, so that people put much attention on the anti-mite for its perniciousness. Nowadays the main anti-mite method is chemical method that add chemicals into the surface material of household items, which can kill the mite while would cause harmful effects to the body. Tyvek ADM is made of pure polyethylene fibers,blends the best traits of fabric, film and paper, with stable and balanced physical property, which is one type of special fabric with high-scientific content, and only Dupont company can produce it.
Tyvek ADM is one kind of high-tech products, which was produced in Luxembourg factory by Dupont Company and with permanent function of anti-mite, this is for the constructive DPF is 0.5 micron, while it can prevent the dust、liquid water、greasy dirt and scurf to pass. Although we can’t see the mite with the unaided eye, its diameter more than 0.5mm, Tyvek has permanent function of anti-mite, which is inspected by Shanghai Preventive Institute of Medicine

1、Physical anti-mite: Tyvek ADM has excellent anti-mite function, which is using particle structure to filter impurities, it can prevent dust、scurf and sweat from disease infection, and ensure human health and sleep environment
2、Chenical resistance: anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-salt, with good protection for the liquid 
3、Water proof and breathability: porous material, with excellent breathability. For it’s made of fine fiber, liquid water and gas can’t permeate easily; while the gas and steam can pass for the excellent breathability
4、Anti- penetrability: special physical organization structure, which can totally prevent fine mite and dust from penetrating
5、Resist bacterium function: which can apply to sterility medical product packaging
6Environmental protection: Tyvek ADM is made of pure polyethylene fibres, without any additives and chemical processing

◇pillow inner、quilt inner、cushion inner
◇fitted bed sheet、mattress
◇hotel pillow inner and quilt inner cover
◇mattress protective inner
◇children's beddings

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