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Digital printing PP synthetic paper

It’s well-known that the digital printing PP synthetic paper can print documents by digital printing machine or digital printer and won’t to fade. The traditional PP synthetic paper must print by special printing ink or UV printing ink, and be dry for a long time. The digital printing PP synthetic break through that barrier, which is cover with fast-drying ink-receptive coating, and make sure you can print what you wanted letters or pictures by ordinary ink-jet printer on the PP synthetic paper. As we all know that the traditional PP synthetic paper was known for its waterproofness, strength and durability, while the only defect is that the traditional PP synthetic paper is much handicapped by its ink receptivity, long time to dry, and can match with ink-jet printing and digital printing, which is decide to the traditional PP synthetic paper can’t satisfy various personalized printing, while we company fill market gaps and developed the new type digital PP synthetic paper that solve a series of digital printing problems.

The different thickness of digital synthetic paper is from 80g to 500g, which for your customized, the size is roll and sheet, we also can provide customers the free sample, welcome to consulting!

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