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flame retardant paper (fireproof paper)

product feature:
Flame retardant paper has high strength properties and appearance properties, excellent flame retardant property
It’s divided into two kinds: the first one is made of asbestos fiber, it won’t change the shape in the fire, this kind of paper is called fireproof paper; the second kind is that add flame retardant chemicals or the plant fiber after fire retardant processing in the pulp, so that it can be flame retardant, this kind of paper is called flame retardant paper. Although this kind of paper won’t burn or produce naked light, while it will be carbonization and become black and zoom

Gram weight is 80、100、120、150、180、200、250、300、350、400、450g

General size is 787mm、889mm、1092mm、1194mm, special size can customize

color:Black, red, blue, coffee, all the color can be customized

application:Kongming latern, flame retarding paper board, flame retarding wall and electronic packing

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