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fast-drying PP synthetic paper

product presentation:
Our fast-drying pp synthetic paper dries quickly and is made of PP plastic base material, which is then printed with absorbent coating using our very own exclusive technology. The plastic raw material is completely recyclable, and the paper is divided into single side coated synthetic paper and double sided coated synthetic paper.
Our fast drying PP synthetic paper has the same advantages as traditional synthetic paper, including water resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance. However the synthetic paper features an excellent stiffness and high ink absorbency. In addition, it immediately dries after printing and can be printed on using ordinary ink and traditional printing methods. These features make it better choice, rather than traditional synthetic paper which requires a long drying period, special inks and a UV printing method. As a result, our PP synthetic paper saves production and printing time, and lowers the production costs, helping our clients improve their client margins.

product specification:
We supply fast-drying pp synthetic paper that dries quickly in various sizes: thickness options include 55, 75, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 230, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, and 500 micrometers. The width of the roll type synthetic paper is either 800 or 900cm, while the sheet type of fast-drying synthetic paper is divided into 78x1092mm and 889x1194mm. In addition, we can produces synthetic paper in customized thickness and sizes based on customer requests based on our production capabilities.

The fast-drying PP synthetic paper has found application in printing and packing.When used as printing paper, it is usually used in the production of labels, tags, outdoor advertisements, desk calendars, regular calendars, business cards and hand held fans. As package material it is primarily used in making envelops.
Each of our fast-drying synthetic paper products meets SGS export standards, and nearly 80% of our products are exported and popular among international customers, including label factories, business cards markers, advertisement design companies, magazine publishers and printing factories.
Application examples:

label printing】 Many product labels are traditionally made out of printing on traditional art paper, which is then coated with a BOPP protective film. However, these labels fail comprehensive water resistance, printing quality, tear resistance and non-residue tests. In addition, they are non-recyclable because they are made out of composite materials.

【business card】 PP synthetic paper has become increasingly popular in recent years for business cards. The plastic paper does not tear easily, and features a water and yellowing resistance, remaining white and appealing for far longer than traditional paper used for business cards.

【full color offset printing】 Fast-drying PP synthetic paper is also used for offset color printing paper in the printing industry. It is a new variety of plastic material that combines the features of plastic and paper. As a multi-functional, environmentally friendly paper, it is characterized by its light weight, high strength, tear resistance, printability and durability.

【charts】 Our fast-drying synthetic paper also serves as graphic paper with a thickness ranging from 0.08-0.18mm, enabling customers to choose the right thickness for their needs. Graphic paper is traditionally used for board games, teaching charts, road maps, military maps, fishing maps and tourist maps. To accommodate different usage environments, the synthetic paper needs to be waterproof but flexible enough to ensure there will be no wrinkles when it is folded. It should also have an excellent printing effect, and vivid color

【tags】 With the best characteristics of both paper and plastic, fast-drying PP synthetic paper is able to resist water, grease and chemicals such as sulfur and alkaloid. The fast-drying synthetic paper also features a folding and tears resistance. Unlike natural paper, it will not shed fibers over time. It is reusable and completely biodegradable without harming the environment

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